February 24, 2021

Rector’s eNews – 24 February 2021

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Over the half-term period, our 2020 Matric students received their IEB examination results. There are many yardsticks by which results are able to be measured and, ultimately, what is of importance is that the boys have done well by their own standards and that they are able to progress to the next stage of their careers. We congratulate our boys warmly on their achievements; some of the headline statistics follow:

  • 100% passed and 107 out of 108 achieved a Bachelor Degree pass, thus enabling them to go on to university.
  • 25 boys achieved an A aggregate and 47 a B aggregate.
  • There were 2.4 As on average per boy.
  • The average mark across all subjects was 73%.
  • 32% of all results were A symbols.
  • 10 subject results were in the top 1% in South Africa.
  • 4 boys achieved 8 distinctions, 2 achieved 7 distinctions, 4 achieved 6 distinctions and 7 achieved 5 distinctions.
  • Tapiwa Chikwanda is the Dux with an aggregate of 93.4% and 8 distinctions and Tristan Naidoo Proxime Accessit with 90.29% and 8 distinctions.

Overall, this was a very creditable performance from boys who had something of a topsy-turvy year in which they had to work online – a modus operandi which did not necessarily suit all boys. They may feel proud of themselves.

On another matter, it has come to our attention that a number of boys have been using protein supplements as part of their recovery after training sessions. Whilst we recognise that there may be a need for extra nutrition for growing boys who are extremely committed to their training, we cannot allow them to use products that are not recognised as ‘clean’. Accordingly, we introduced a “top-up meal” shake in 2019 which was formulated by a dietician and produced by a reliable source, but we are aware that some boys prefer to use a well-known supplement brand. After much consideration and research, we have decided to allow boys to take two biogen products, Recovergen and Iso-whey. These are considered reputable and used by professional athletes and sports teams (eg. the Sharks). These two products are batch-tested meaning that the products are tested to ensure that they are “clean”. This is all-important, naturally, if it comes to boys being drug tested at any stage. We do not want boys taking any products which could be harmful to them or, possibly, put them at risk of failing a drugs test at an event such as a festival and bringing their names and that of the school into disrepute. For the sake of clarity, we do not permit boys to take any creatine or pre-workout products.

Please see information below of the two biogen products which we will allow.


Both of the above can be purchased at Dis-Chem or through our Strength and Conditioning Department. If you have questions in this regard, please consult with Mr James Fleming who has engaged with several medical practitioners in this connection. His email is JamesF@www.michaelhouse.org and his telephone number is 033 234 1148.

As indicated in the previous eNews, the weekend ahead (27-28Feb) is a closed weekend, but the boys are allowed to take, as usual, one of the following three Saturday nights as overnight leave (viz. 6-7 March, 13-14 March or 20-21March). The usual timings for departure on the Saturday after all school events have taken place and the return on Sunday evening for Chapel apply.

Relative to most other issues with which we have had to deal with over the past years, this is a minor consideration, but we have decided to phase out the sale of aerosol deodorants at our Trade-Inn and ask parents to assist us in limiting the use of spray cans of this nature; there have been situations which could have been dangerous in terms of aerosol cans exploding and aerosol deodorants have also been inappropriately used by some for “huffing”. From the beginning of next term, therefore, no aerosol cans will be allowed at Michaelhouse and it would be very helpful if you take note of this when you are helping your son with his shopping.


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