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Old Boys

Welcome to Michaelhouse School

Now in its 127th year, Michaelhouse has established a unique ethos dedicated to holism. In an era marked by educational focus on a single area of endeavour – academic, sporting, or cultural – Michaelhouse remains committed to its founder’s vision: to make not accountants, not clerks, not clergymen, but men; men of understanding, thought and culture.”

It is our belief that a boy’s time at senior school is as much about discovering his niche in life as having the freedom, opportunity and encouragement to explore it and become the best that he can be. The school’s campus offers an environment rich in time and facilities allowing the unique potential of each boy to emerge and thrive. Parents of any teenage boy know that the challenge doesn’t lie in creating energy, the trick lies in channelling it; and the availability of a fully resident staff compliment dedicated to encouraging boys to make the best use of the time and world-class facilities constantly available to them, is just one aspect which sets Michaelhouse apart.

At the heart of the boarding experience is an incredible sense of belonging; a sense of inclusion which encourages fully rounded and confident individuals to emerge from the safety of a shared identity. It is the development of close, life-long friendships that is one of the most extraordinary aspects of life at Michaelhouse. At a time in their lives when boys begin to seek independence and are insatiably curious, the safety of common ground provides a safe harbour from which to embark on voyages of self-discovery.

This sense of belonging extends well beyond a boy’s five-year career at Michaelhouse with a globally engaged network of 7 500 Old Boys constantly engaged with each other and their alma mater, the Club for Life vision is a powerful and proactive force for good capitalising on the bonds forged during their years at high school.

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