September 10, 2020

Old Boys’ News – September 2019

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Time flies and it is a pleasure to send off this newsletter as one of the last ‘to-do’ items before the C- Block Journey departs on Saturday. For the next two weeks we will live at a different pace, set by the sun and the moon…and our muscles! Brad Boulle, (East, 2014 – 2018) will join us as one of the paddle masters for part of the journey. Welcome back Brad!

Andrew Schaefer is our past Head Boy featured in this edition. Andrew and other OM’s: Simon Francis, Steuart Pennington, Jon Bates and Phiwayi Mbuyazi, are currently making a big difference to education in the Balgowan Valley, through their commitment to the Community Partnership programme.

In this edition we feature Old Boys in education: What a privilege to have nine men across many generations from Pete Stevens (1972) to Aiden Friend (2014) back at “House”. Pete is leading his 9th Journey with C Block this year. This is a record and the boys in his group are really fortunate to be out there under his mentorship.

James Thorpe, Patrick Lees and Chris Black are also making a difference in the lives of children. Andrew Brown (Michaelhouse Staff from 2002 – 2017) managed to lure Angelos Geranmayeh into the classroom to run a workshop.

James Findlay has been prominent in literary circles for many years and brings books of all genres and vintages into our lives. We discovered James on BA flights this month!

Our sportsmen continue to excel. Josh Moon, Gary Porter and Liam Furniss have been selected to the UCT team, which travels to Japan for the Varsity World Cup. Jordan Sesink Clee has been called up to the Sharks. Brandon Tattam is captaining the UCT squad at the Varsity Cup Cricket festival in Potchefstroom, where he will meet up with fellow Old Boy, Sean Gilson. Fraser Jones made the UCT squad, but is laid up for a while due to injury. Jean van der Westhuyzen continues to leave the opposition in his wake in World Cup Canoeing.

Sadly, we record the passing away of two Old Boys in this edition.

Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg branches have hosted wonderful functions and more are planned for the rest of the year, locally in Durban, Midlands, Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria and then later in the year in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.

Rector Antony Clark will be attending the Old Boys’ functions with Phil Roberts in the United Kingdom and I am looking forward to meeting the Old Boys in the Antipodes and Dubai later in November. We thank our Old Boys there who are setting up functions and accommodation overseas. More in the next edition….

And then……surprise, surprise, Pete Ardington and Nick Welsh bring Cameron Todd back for another appearance!

If you’re up to predicting the outcomes of matches in the Rugby World Cup, please see the Superbru challenge at the end of the newsletter or if you still need to load the Old Boys App, please view the App How To Guide.

That said I’m off to pack the rucksack, load the boats and bikes, and field those last minute curved balls before we head for the hills. Meanwhile take care, have a blast and make a difference.

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