September 10, 2020

Old Boys’ News – October 2019

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Even in the relative quiet of the Balgowan Valley we are amazed that the end of the year is almost on us. Just a few weeks until the boys pack their laughter and lively noise into cars and buses, leaving silent cloisters in their wake. It has been a full and eventful year at Michaelhouse and we have enjoyed recording the more recent Old Boy happenings in this newsletter.

Ryan Thomson is our past Senior Prefect featured in this edition. The solar cooker, which Ryan developed during his engineering studies may well become one of my retirement projects! Robbie Leggat is completing the St Michael Statue commissioned by Graham McIntosh, which will soon be a prominent feature at the front of school. Christian Botha returned to school to open the Matric Art Exhibition and inspire our current art students.

A few more old boys who are leading schools and making a difference to the lives of young people in classrooms around the world, have found their way onto these pages, as has Simon d ’Aubrey, making his name on agriculture. Storm Green has made the queen’s birthday honours list and Tim Harkness met James Fleming at the Elite Sport Summit Conference in Cape town, where he provided new insights into the psychology of success in sport.

Old Boys continue to excel on the rivers, on their bikes and on the sports fields globally, performing well in the Berg and Bush, Amashova, Fish River Marathon and on the rugby field in Ireland.

Joshin Raghubar is a John McNulty Prize laureate for his work in IT and the Midlands Branch managed to entice Keith Begg to Fordoun where he shared his inspirational life work in wildlife filming and, more recently, community-based conservation in Niassa.

We welcome our newest members to the Old Boys’ Club: One honorary member: Sarah Pennington and the class of 2019, who will soon be inducted into the Club.

As I look forward to visiting Old Boys in the Antipodes and Dubai and the Rector and Old Boys’ President prepare to represent us in London, we thank the branch chairmen and other men who have been working behind the scenes to make these events happen.

This edition also records a busy programme of local branch events.

The Chapel, particularly the kneelers and St Michael+ chairs, organised by Sarah Pennington and Fred Pitout respectively, feature as our items from the Archives this month.

Until next time, have a blast, take care and make a difference out there!

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