September 10, 2020

Old Boys’ News – July 2019

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Winter has made a few tentative starts this month, but appears to be losing the battle against climate
change. Do you recall ever seeing flies or mosquitoes at Michaelhouse in July?

The term has started with the usual bang and we’ve already forgotten that June holiday. Four houses
hiked to Inhlozane on the week-end, maintaining this rite of passage. Weather was crisp, but clear and
the boys walked beneath star-filled skies and a full moon for the first leg of the route.

The major focus in the Co-Curricular Office is planning for the C Block Journey, D Block Hike (from
Melouney’s farm back to school) and the E Block Camp in the Nature reserve, which take place at the
end of term.

The second Astroturf is taking shape, as are the new dorms in Baines and Ralfe houses. The gym
refurbishment is underway.

We enjoyed a surprise visit from Ian Fincken (Founders, 1947 – 1950), who also joined us for the
Wednesday Chapel service. What a wonderful coincidence that the excellent sermon was preached by
Dean Forword the current Housemaster of Founders.

The Old Boys’ Office has been supporting preparations for the Johannesburg Dinner and AGM and I
look forward to seeing many familiar faces up there this week.

Thank-you for the positive feedback from the first newsletter. JCT and the piano seem to have stirred
most interest. Chris Waldburger delved more deeply into this history and has written another wonderful
article about the pretty dire circumstances in which the school found itself, in those early years as well
as Todd’s post Michaelhouse journey.

Once again we focus on OM’s making a difference out there and your stories are abundant. Young and
older guys cycling in the Karoo (and looking the part), running Comrades, in business and caring for
the planet. This edition also shares news of Simon Francis, Head of School 1966. Arthur Purbrick
inspired junior officers, recently passed out from Sandhurst, with the values of a significant man. A
letter written by Dale Benkenstein provides an example of true character for all our boys.

If your years at Michaelhouse were part of this positive character development, then we are on the right

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