February 22, 2023

Rector’s eNews – 22 February 2023

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After the extremely busy first few weeks of the term, I hope the half-term provided an opportunity for the rest and relaxation (along with a bit of fun) that the boys so needed. Before the break, we enjoyed hosting the E Block parents to an Open Day at which several Heads of Department gave presentations. We appreciated the positive feedback from a number of parents in connection with these as they valued gaining an understanding of the academic direction of the school. Thank you to those E Block parents who were able to be at Michaelhouse and who engaged with the staff.

Our Prize Giving followed on that evening; unlike other schools, we have a Speech Day in October at which we chiefly focus on matric students and a prize giving, held in February, which is a celebration of the previous year’s academic successes and the achievements of the current A to D Blocks. Mrs Tracy Woodland in her capacity as the mother of the Senior Prefect graciously awarded the prizes. She is also the mother of the dux of 2022, Peter Woodland, and we are trying to establish whether there has previously been an occasion where the mother of the Senior Prefect is also the mother of the dux from the previous year. We think not!

It was good to congratulate those who won prizes which are awarded on the basis of excellence and also diligence and improvement. It is our intention that a prize or certificate should be within the reach of every boy in the school: even if one is not top of the class, a prize can be won for working really hard or improving significantly. We hope that this occasion might have been an inspiration both to those who were rewarded and to those who will aim high throughout this year.

The following boys were in the top three in their year groups in 2022:

E Block:
1st Matthew Longmore
2nd Graydon Leslie
3rd Brent Tayengwa

D Block:
1st Reily Elliot
2nd Simon Bailes
3rd Oliver Bruyns

C Block:
1st Dylan Hewlett
2nd Kian Moses
3rd Patrick Lambert

B Block:
1st David du Toit
2nd Kofi Asumaning
3rd Aiden Jinnah

Sir Henry Strakosch Internal Scholarship
The Sir Henry Strakosch Scholarship is held for one year and is awarded to the top boy in the Block with the best combined mark in Mathematics and Science in his previous year. Based on their 2022 results, the scholarships were won by these boys:

B Block: David du Toit
C Block: Matthew Kennedy
D Block: Reily Elliot
E Block: Matthew Longmore

John W Hamilton Internal Scholarship
The John W Hamilton Scholarship is held for one year and is awarded to the boy with the top aggregate in his Block who is not already the recipient of another academic scholarship. Based on their 2022 results, the scholarships were won by the following:

B Block: Theo Apteker
C Block: Patrick Lambert
D Block: Reily Elliot
E Block: Graydon Leslie

House Academic Awards
Academic Achievement (Fleischer Shield): McCormick House
Academic Effort (Ralfe Cup): McCormick House

Our warm congratulations go to those boys who won awards.

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