February 14, 2024

Rector’s eNews 05 – 14 February 2024

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Last week, I spoke briefly to the boys about issues concerning what is internationally known as Safeguarding as I do on an annual basis. I explained that my engaging with them on this topic was not the result of anything of which I knew which had recently happened at Michaelhouse, but was a general ‘heads up’ that we live in a world where older people sometimes prey on younger people who are prepared/groomed for the sexual gratification of the older people. I spoke of typical situations that may arise using an example of older men trying to coerce teenage girls or young women into relationships and, ultimately, dependency. However, I made the point that grooming can happen in person or online and this phenomenon is often associated with people who are known to families and/or are trusted friends/associates.

I pointed out that it was extremely unlikely that our boys would be groomed in person or online but said that they should not be naïve about this. Mr Sibusiso Ncamani is in charge of Safeguarding as part of his role as the Deputy Rector: Pastoral and he is the person to approach if any of our boys feel uncomfortable about a situation. We can then address the matter in an attempt to resolve issues. I also spoke about the Guardian App which can be downloaded and used to report matters confidentially if it is not easy/possible to do so in person.


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