November 15, 2021

Weekly Sports Roundup – 15 November 2021

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Michaelhouse had to content themselves with winning only three of the four first team contests against traditional archrivals, Hilton College on the weekend; although House’s first XI cricketers created more than a handful of chances to make it a clean sweep.

The action started with a confident 5-1 win for House’s first squash team on Friday.

The following day, Michaelhouse skipper Adrien Fisher found himself in the unfamiliar space of losing the toss and having to ask his bowlers to warm up – a digression from his team’s recent winning formula. It must have felt like a good toss to lose a few overs later with the host’s big-hitting danger men back in the pavilion, and the score on 33/3. Hilton’s middle-order then bared its teeth and came to the rescue taking the home side to 229 all out. Preventing a quality line up from batting out its overs should have been a real shot in the arm for Michaelhouse’s more than capable batsmen, but they fell into the trap of trying to force the runs, dishing up a bonanza of catches and stumbling well short of the mark on 114 all out.

Captain Sam Berchowitz’s boys delivered their second win in as many attempts over the much vaunted Hilton College water polo side. Tempering a water tight defensive approach with a flowing attacking game, Michaelhouse opened the scoring and hung on to a slender 6-5 lead at the break. Youngster Campbell Ridl was close to impregnable in the goals deflecting at least half a dozen certain scores. Offensively Berchowitz lead by example, and in concert with Josh Haswell scored the lion’s share of the team’s nine goals for their two point win.

Michaelhouse 1st water polo Michaelhouse 1st team water polo warming up before their encounter with Hilton College.

The Michaelhouse basketball juggernaut kept on rolling, delivering a solid 61-55 win for their eighth consecutive victory over Hilton College.

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