June 28, 2022

Statement to Parents – June 2022

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The independent legal consultant investigating the alleged incident during the Michaelhouse / St John’s College 1st XI hockey match on 27 May 2022 has completed the investigation and made a strong recommendation that the boys involved enter into mediation.

Both the Michaelhouse and St John’s College boys have made the positive decision to follow that course. This reconciliatory step has been agreed to and supported by both boys and their respective parents.

We fully support this recommendation and believe that both boys should be applauded for the mature manner in which they have chosen to move forward with mediation.

The Investigative Report Summary Outcome
From the outset, the Michaelhouse boy has denied the allegation. Based on the independent legal consultant’s written report and subsequent feedback, a clear ruling could not be made. As a result, in the interests of both of the boys involved, mediation was recommended. If the findings had demonstrated guilt, we would have proceeded with our normal process involving a disciplinary hearing.

The overall process of mediation – and the confidentiality of the report – was agreed by both boys, parents and the heads of both schools.

Next Steps
Both heads of schools will be involved in shortlisting senior, experienced mediators and child psychologists. These will be put forward to the boys and their parents so that they can select the professionals with whom they would like to work during mediation. Parents will be permitted to be present during these sessions.

This mediation process is designed to give all parties the best chance to move forward towards conciliation and to restore the relationships between both school communities in keeping with their shared value system of Anglican principles and an ongoing commitment towards ensuring learners thrive in a non-discriminatory environment.

It has been a challenging time for the boys involved, their parents and both schools’ communities. We would like to thank the St John’s College Headmaster and Council Chairman for working with us on finding a resolution, based on the input from the independent legal consultant.

These boys have important exams for which they now need to prepare and we respectfully urge our community to support this reconciliatory process to proceed ahead of the upcoming exams. It has our full support.

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