November 25, 2020

Rector’s eNews – 25 November 2020

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As we approach the end of this academic year, we look back with gratitude on the many blessings we have received in a number of ways since March. It has certainly been a tough and challenging year for many boys and their parents and, indeed, the staff, but we also need to be thankful for the joyful events which have occurred during 2020 and for the fact that all of our matrics have managed to write their exams, that the vast majority of boys were able to return to school and that the boys have increasingly engaged in many of the usual activities associated with life at Michaelhouse. The number of awards which appear below bears testimony to the way the boys have been active and productive on their return to school in July or at some stage thereafter. Along with the staff, they have been resilient and determined, and they deserve credit for this.

Following our Board meetings at the end of last week, you will receive a letter from our Chairman, Anthony Hewat, in connection with further fee rebates for 2020, campus developments and fees for the year ahead.

In complementing his comments, I draw attention to the project being undertaken at our Main Gate which aims to create a two-lane entry and exit facility and which will simultaneously enhance both our security and speed of entry and exit for those directly associated with the school. We envisage the building being completed during the 2nd quarter of 2021 and ask for your patience as this continues.

Secondly, Mackenzie House is due to receive an upgrade in 2021 as the Chairman has mentioned as part of our ongoing masterplan to develop the boarding accommodation across all the Houses. The significant improvements to Mackenzie will necessitate some boys moving out of the House into temporary accommodation which is being arranged in the Indoor Centre.

Thirdly, I attach as Appendix A and B to this eNews a draft of our Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Policy, as well as a glossary of appropriate terms. This is, in essence, the product of the work of four meetings of our Transformation and Diversity Advisory Committee over the past months. It principally embraces the views of senior boys in the school, including the Senior Prefect and Second Prefect, and is to be seen as emanating from our core values entailing the respect which should be evident in our dealings with all people.

Appendix A – Draft of Michaelhouse Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Policy
Appendix B – Glossary of Appropriate Terms

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