January 18, 2023

Rector’s eNews – 18 January 2023

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Our staff were very excited to welcome all our new E Block boys and their parents to Michaelhouse on Sunday and to have the remainder of the school returning last evening for the start of the academic year. The first weeks of any new year are a time of huge expectation as we all consider the enormous possibility of what lies before us in 2023: we are all slightly out of our comfort zone and we sense the challenges of the months ahead as we grow to know new people, as we wonder about who our teachers and coaches are going to be and what teams we may be representing at the school.

We must have aspiration, goals and a vision of our being successful if we are, indeed, to have a year in which we make progress and we also need to balance our own ambition with a generosity of spirit towards others. We need to have an eye on the Michaelhouse Code which seeks to promote within each of us integrity, courage, compassion, humility and the desire to serve others. Building on this, the old adage that the more we put into something the more we will get out of it, remains true of a young man’s time at Michaelhouse. Hard work, dedication and a disciplined approach to life bear fruit in the long run.

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