March 10, 2021

Rector’s eNews – 10 March 2021

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“Good readers almost always achieve better across the curriculum than those who are not good readers.” Whilst the source of this particular statement is not known, it is, in my experience, invariably true that this is the case. And the question which emanates from it is exactly why we should encourage reading in teenagers. People read, at different stages of their lives, for different reasons, some of which are practical and some of which are for pleasure.

Here are some reasons why people may wish to read:

  • You may wish to expand your knowledge on a particular topic; for example, you may wish to find out more about the presidential elections in the United States or about the political situation in any particular country. Essentially this is a practical reason for reading.
  • You may wish to follow instructions, for example, as to how to construct a table. This is another practical reason for reading.
  • You may wish to develop, through fiction, an understanding of human interaction. In reading you experience other people’s thoughts, attitudes and ideas in a way which builds on your understanding of the interaction between people. In doing so you expand your empathy with people.
  • You may wish to read for pleasure and enjoyment in a non-threatening environment. This fosters a sense of mental equilibrium; you relax and are transported into another world and this aids your mental health.

Good readers are generally mentally alert to new issues and developments, to human interaction and a range of interests and they learn quickly to apply new thoughts and ideas to situations which they have not yet encountered.

There is relatively little time for reading, regrettably, in the very demanding school term at any school but, during the holidays, boys and girls have a lot of time at their disposal for reading and can benefit hugely from it. Sometimes their interest just needs to be sparked by something which you, as parents, have read yourselves.

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