November 13, 2020

Old Boys’ News – November 2020

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Normality of a sort has returned, at least for now, to the Balgowan Valley. The last newsletter was penned from a silent campus devoid of the sounds of boys and the energy that comes with ten bustling houses. It is wonderful to have the boys back, classes and exams underway and summer sports on our fields, even if we are still playing against ourselves! There have been a number of boy vs staff matches, the number of bicycles has mushroomed, skateboards abound and an encouraging number of boys have discovered the pleasure of walking in the nature reserve.

COVID protocols have forced a number of changes on how we do things: A first virtual Speech Day, Old Boys AGM and Central Committee meetings. The upside has been the number of overseas members who have been able to join these virtual gatherings. Andrew Pennington (Auckland), Peter Campbell (New York) and Richard Gellie (Melbourne) were welcome attendees at the last Central Committee meeting.

The C Block Journey, D Block Hike and E Block Camp went ahead as planned at the end of last quarter, bringing a welcome breath of routine to an otherwise very different term.

The Senior Certificate Examinations have started and the last paper will be written on 27 November when the Club President will induct the next cohort of young men into the Old Boys’ Club.

Our featured Senior Prefect is Graham Herbert, Head Boy in 1982. Graeme’s son, Michael followed in his footsteps, being Second Prefect in 2018. 2021 will again see the son of an Old Boy taking the helm of boy leadership. Congratulations to Deon Dhlomo (West, 1989) on Kwande’s appointment as First Prefect.

Our Old Boys continue to make a difference to the world and their communities. On this occasion we pay special tribute to Don MacRobert (St Michael Award 1996), who has been awarded the Order of Cyrene, the highest honour bestowed on lay persons by the Anglican Church.

Once again our men have been active in improving the lives of others during the lockdown and pandemic. Funds continue to arrive for the Nottingham Road Relief Fund. Sean Lumley (Baines, 1994) UKOM President has joined forces with Hilton and Bishops Old Boys to connect, through a LinkedIn group, with alumni from the three schools who may need support.

Ken Drysdale (West, 1957) and Gavin Steiner (Founders, 1990) are carrying the Michaelhouse flag by making a difference to the earth as they work at clean energy and alternatives to plastic packaging respectively.

Jason Schwegmann (Pascoe, 2014) is creating opportunities for Commerce graduates.

Who would have thought that the C Block boys on their Journey would walk into the history of the school as they hike through the theatre of battles around Spioenkop.

The number of our published authors continues to grow and this month their work covers topics ranging from mentoring, to aviation, from history to geology and policing to fiction.

Guy Pearson (Rector 2002 – 2012) has finally hung up his gown and will soon be joined in retirement by Alan Smedley (Chaplain 1993 – 2020, Hilton Old Boy and Honorary OM) and Peter Stevens (Farfield, 1972)

The WIOW (Wear it on Wednesdays) campaign is gathering momentum, as are the LinkedIn pages for Old Boys and some brave staff and boys strutted their Jerusalema stuff on campus.

Take care out there and, whatever you do, make a difference wherever you are.

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