March 29, 2021

Old Boys’ News – March 2021

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It is great to be in touch again as we continue to navigate the uncertain and contradictory, but now hopeful, waters of COVID.

Andrew Purchase is our featured Head Boy in this edition, and we hope, for a future edition, to track down his younger brother Colin, who followed in his footsteps.

As always, it is so easy to find Old Boys who give unselfishly in service to others. Richard Lister’s quiet and consistent work has been recognised as he becomes the 21st Fellow Associate of Michaelhouse. The citation speaks for itself.

We share the contributions of Brad Roets and John-D Lotz as well as the support which Old Boys continue to give to the Community Partnership programme. Renew your vehicle licence online with Simon Williams (A Block, Founders) service project.

Rob Hersov has made headlines with a new airport initiative and Pat Lambie has taken a leadership role in the FABS (Financially Assisted Boys Support) programme. A past head boy of Hilton College, Karabo Che Makoape makes it into our pages providing an update on our Transformation and Diversity programme.

Michael Bromwich and Randal Wells, two Old Boy authors, are celebrated in this edition and a group of Old Boys have rebuilt the terrace walls, which existed in 1949 at the front of school.

Gerry Noel (Head of Tatham 2003) has finally come home to join the Academic and Biology departments, while Rocky Knox and Brad Roberts represented us in rugby teams in this time of sport-scarcity, and Gareth Jenkinson is recognised as Journalist of the Year.

Duzi paddlers will enjoy being able to start the race in a “Michaelhouse” batch to celebrate our 125th anniversary.

Online shopping has finally come to Balgowan with the launch of Gavin Erasmus’ Meadows Clothing venture and the return of Cameron Todd’s “M” emblem for Old Boys. Ten percent of income from sales will be donated to the Old Boys’ Club.

We share the happy news of Ray Mkhulisi’s marriage to Thembi Maphumulo and the few Old Boy gatherings that have been permitted. As we head into the near future of restrictions on social and other gatherings, we are happy that golf days and the like can proceed, and we prepare for an online Old Boys’ AGM. Meanwhile, the combined schools Old Boys LinkedIn group continues to grow and connect Old Boys.

While we have so much to appreciate and celebrate, we did start the year on a very sad note and so, we pause to mourn the untimely deaths of Mphathisi Filtane, a new and vibrant member of the Old Boys’ Central Committee, and also close to home, Paul-John Richter. Those who frequented Rawdons Hotel will be saddened at the death of George Maistry Subramanien, who knew all patrons, and we also record the death of Sue Pollock, daughter of Robbie Robinson and author of the centenary edition of the History of Michaelhouse.

On a lighter note, enjoy the report on the Michaelhouse gala held in Trafalgar Square.

Enjoy the read and we wish you a blessed, happy and safe Easter.

Until next time, take care and make a difference out there.

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