June 18, 2021

Old Boys’ News – June 2021

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As I pen this newsletter, the third wave has struck. We missed the planned Super Gaudy which was to mark the 125 year celebrations. The school roll records only a handful of boys at school. A number of positive Covid cases and the required isolation has forced us to send D and E Blocks and boys in other blocks home. Exams have just finished, and the main quad stands in empty silence, war cries abandoned and no blankets book family spaces on the banks below the Centenary Centre. Just when we thought life would return to Meadows and Punchbowl!

However, life goes on and these pages reflect our Old Boys who continue to fly the flag with pride and effect.

OM+ is gaining momentum with 1350+ Old Boy registrations since April. Well done Sean Lumley! If you’re not yet part of this exciting venture for Old Boys, please find the link in this newsletter and register.

It is wonderful to touch base again with Dave Brill, whose designs are now orbiting the planet. Adi Enthoven returned to campus as our newest St Michael Awardee while Peter and Bev Pickford share their life work making a difference for the planet. See the link to their outstanding and moving video in this edition.

Kit Vaughan engineers major developments in medical science and James Pitman returns to earth with his Sling Bike.

On the sport front Clinton Panther heads for the Olympics, Senzo Sokhela burns up the tartan in the USA, Otto Thaning becomes the oldest swimmer to complete the Robben Island-Mainland crossing and Sandy Inglis prepares to notch up the Freedom Challenge on his list of ultra-rides.

The FABS programme continues to supplement the support for scholarship boys in need and this has extended to Old Boys. Richard Bates provides an update on the work of the Weaner Scheme; Meadows Clothing expands its range and has already contributed to the Club, and Old Boys have helped to make 2021 a bumper year for projects offered by the Community Partnership team.

Old Boys continue to get together, albeit mostly online, with the Tea and Toast in the Cop Shop, but the Durban Branch has been rocking as have Lebogang Mokgosi and some of the Jozi crew as with Ray Mkhulisi in Stellenbosch with some Cape Town OMs.

We end with some interesting news from beneath the paving stones in Main Quad.

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