September 10, 2020

Old Boys’ News – February 2020

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Christmas has come and gone, we have celebrated the matric results of our newest cohort of Old Boys, the Class of 2019 and the first half term of 2020 is already history.

As you may know, Robyn Gruijters has taken up her new post as Development Officer at Cowan House and Michelle Huntley moves to Harrismith when Pete takes over as head of Harriston School at the end of term. We welcome Taryn Murdey as the new Old Boys’ Administrator and Archivist and are most grateful to Belinda Boast, who has kindly offered to help with the planning and organising of the Gaudies on 17 April and Old Boys Day on 18 April (Please send in your RSVP’s).

Another common theme in the Chronicles of a century ago is the plea for contributions:

“Old Boys are always glad to glean from these pages the present doings of the school; but let them remember that we are also glad to know what they are doing, and more so when we have it in their own words. We appeal, therefore (and we have had some substantial support in advance), to all interested in the school, governors, parents, boys past and present, to help us to raise the Chronicle somewhat above the level of a desiccated diary”

This trend has not changed much since 1906. In this edition, some of our authors, a few teachers, the CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and one PhD Graduate are highlighted. There are more men out there making a difference, but we can report only on the Old Boys’ achievements and events of which we know. Please send your stories to

While in Auckland last year it was a pleasure to meet up with Dave and Kevin Oscroft. Both spoke very highly of Peter Oscroft, our past Head of School featured in this edition.

James Thorpe returns to South Africa and introduces his Churchies team to Mzansi and Ali Barnes and you will be moved by the most remarkable story of Anthony Renton’s incredible recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury.

Finally one an amazing St Michael Awardee hangs up his stethoscope at the ripe old age of ninety!

Plans for the Old Boys’ functions in New York, Vancouver and Los Angeles are in place and I look forward to meeting our Old Boys there. If you are able to attend one of these events, please let the organiser know.

Until next time take care, have a blast and make a difference out there.

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