September 14, 2020

Meet the Community Partnership Trust Team

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The Michaelhouse Community Partnership Trust is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO: 015292) supported by Michaelhouse to invest in local government schools. The overriding objective is to partner with selected schools to improve pedagogy, and to offer teacher development through training and mentorship. A dedicated team of three full time CPT staff supported by a committee of Trustees and committed volunteers, oversee a range of projects.

Michaelhouse Community Partnerships

The Michaelhouse Community Partnerships Team

The CPT team engages energetically with the principals, heads of department and teachers at local community schools whilst working closely with the Department of Education Circuit Managers involved in the Lions River and Mpofana circuit. The goal is to jointly devise projects and programmes to address challenges and opportunities for improvement of the educational experiences for their learners. In this way the projects the Trust involves itself with are better tailored to the relevant context, needs and availability of the schools, are better accepted and applied, resulting in more positive impact and results. For more information, read the Quarterly Report: April – June 2020

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