All registrations for possible entry into Michaelhouse in 2031 and beyond will not attract the R950.00 registration fee. Applications received after 28 February 2023 for Grade 8 2024 will be placed on our wait list.

Please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page.

Upon submission of this form and payment of the non-refundable R950 registration fee the application will be processed.  Please note that Michaelhouse reserves the right to conduct any credit bureau searches it deems necessary on any application to satisfy itself that the parents can afford the fees and extras charged by Michaelhouse.

EFT Payment :

For all electronic transfers, please make use of your surname and year of entry into Michaelhouse as your reference eg ‘Smith2024’

Banking Details:
Standard Bank
Pietermaritzburg Branch
Branch Code: 05752500 (for Internet Banking, please use: 057525)
Account: 052211002
Recipient Number: 1310559 *
International Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

*For FNB clients: Please note that we are set up as a public recipient.  Please use: Recipient name: Michael House, Recipient number: 1310559

Please e-mail a copy of the internet banking receipt to

Zapper Payment :

Please forward a copy of your Zapper receipt (e-mailed to you by Zapper) to

Please scan the Zapper code below to pay the non-refundable R950 registration fee.


NB: Grade 8 = E Block; Grade 9 = D Block; Grade 10 = C Block; Grade 11 = B Block; Grade 12 = A Block.

Admissions Timeline


Pupil interviews and tours commence for registered boys entering Grade 8 at Michaelhouse in 2025

2023-07-25 - 2024-02-09

Parent Information Events

2023-09-23 - 2023-09-24

Weekend at Michaelhouse for registered boys for Grade 8 2025


Sunday @ Michaelhouse (Open Day)


Arts and sports scholarship applications for Grade 8 2025 close


Financial Aid applications for Grade 8 2025 close


Registrations for 2025 candidates close

2024-02-18 - 2024-02-19

Grade 8 2025 Sports scholarship assessment weekend. Invited candidates only

2024-02-18 - 2024-02-19

Grade 8 2025 Arts scholarships auditions and assessments weekend. Invited candidates Only

2024-02-18 - 2024-02-19

Grade 8 2025 Academic scholarship exam Weekend. Invited candidates only


Grade 8 2025 Offers of scholarship and financial aid


Grade 8 2025 Offers of Place


Date TBC. Deadline for submission of acceptance fees

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