Why Michaelhouse?

Michaelhouse is a school of established heritage with an innate respect for the individual. It is this long held tradition that distinguishes Michaelhouse from other senior boys’ schools. We believe that going to senior school is as much about finding one’s niche in life as having the freedom and encouragement to explore it and to become the best one can be.


Walk through our avenues of trees, over our playing fields and enter into the heart of the school. In our red-brick quadrangles you may hear the sounds of the chapel bells, the choir singing, footsteps of generations of young men and the laughter of friends. You will discover a strong community spirit where Masters and Boys meet to create an environment of vision, warmth, caring and excellence. Visit our media centre, music and art schools, theatre, classrooms and boarding houses.

Investigate our exciting academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual, environmental, character and leadership programmes. Feel our ambience and begin to experience a little of the enthusiasm and positive energy that are the hallmarks of Michaelhouse.


If you are in the area or think that this could be the school for your son why not come to Balgowan to experience, in person, the ethos of our fine school.

Important Year Dates


New Boys' Day


Prize Giving*


Grandparents' Day


Hilton/Michaelhouse Sports Day (Away)


Old Boys' Gaudy Dinners


PBHS Winter Sports Day (home)


Old Boys' Day


Michaelhouse/Hilton (home)


Matric Ball

2024-09-07 - 2024-09-19

C Block Journey

2024-09-14 - 2024-09-19

D Block Pondoland Hike

2024-09-16 - 2024-09-19

E Block Camp


Speech Day


Remembrance Sunday

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