Governance and Staff

In order to remain a leading independent school we employ only exceptionally talented staff.


  • Mr M Collins
  • Mr D Dhlomo
  • Mr R Elliot
  • Mr M Gammie
  • Mr R Gush
  • Mr P Hayward-Butt
  • Mrs B Khumalo
  • Dr Z Kubukeli (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr S Lumley (President Elect: Old Boys’ Club)
  • Mrs D Martin
  • Mr J McCormick
  • Mr R Mkhulisi
  • Mr N Mthembu
  • Mr P Nel
  • Mr B Phakhati
  • Dr A Schaefer (Chairman)
  • Canon D Timm
  • Mr W Witherspoon (President: Old Boys’ Club)
  • Mr A Clark (Rector)
  • Mrs J Warburton (Financial Director)

Associate Governors

  • Mr G Bruins
  • Mr A Hewat
  • Mr N Jonsson
  • Mr G Ralfe
  • Mr N Sowazi


  • Mr A Clark: Rector
  • Mr S Ncamani: Deputy Rector, Pastoral
  • Mrs W de Wet: Deputy Rector, Academics
  • Mr B Gittins: Deputy Rector, Pupils
  • Mrs J Warburton: Financial Director
  • Revd. C Meyer: Chaplain
  • Mr R Strudwick: Senior Master, Sport
  • Mr T Jarvis: Senior Master, Pastoral
  • Mr G Noel: Senior Master, Academics
  • Dr C de Swardt: Master in Charge, Cultural Education
  • Mr E Jeffrey:  Head of Outdoor Education
  • Mr MD Witherspoon: Head of Marketing and Admissions
  • Ms A Sikhakane: Community Partnership Manager
  • Mrs L Moore: Human Resources Manager
  • Mr J Fleming: Head of Sports Medicine

Important Year Dates


New Boys' Day


Prize Giving*


Grandparents' Day


Hilton/Michaelhouse Sports Day (Away)


Old Boys' Gaudy Dinners


PBHS Winter Sports Day (home)


Old Boys' Day


Michaelhouse/Hilton (home)


Matric Ball

2024-09-07 - 2024-09-19

C Block Journey

2024-09-14 - 2024-09-19

D Block Pondoland Hike

2024-09-16 - 2024-09-19

E Block Camp


Speech Day


Remembrance Sunday

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